This is an awesome and super quick How To on how to repurpose an old tshirt or tank top into a REUSABLE BAG!


Find an old T-shirt or tank top that you do not mind cutting and changing into a reusable bag and a pair of scissors!


If using a T-shirt cut off the sleeves and collar of the shirt to resemble a tank top with open sleeves and neck


Place the tank top or T-shirt onto a flat surface so that the ends of the garment match up (front to back)


Cut 3 inches, starting from the bottom of the tank top up toward the neck. Do this one inch apart all the way across the entire bottom of the tank top or T-shirt. Be sure to cut through both front and back of the garment at the same time so that they match up

Photo Aug 21, 10 19 40 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 21, 10 19 50 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 21, 10 22 23 AM.jpg


Tie the tabs together (front of the garment tied to the matching back of the garment). Do this all the way across the bottom of the garment so that it completely ties the front of the garment to the back of the garment

Photo Aug 21, 10 26 04 AM.jpg


Go Shop! Do not forget to take this awesome repurposed garment to the store (or beach!) to save the planet from all those unnecessary plastic grocery bags!

Photo Aug 21, 10 27 29 AM.jpg