Keiki + Me

Keiki + ME

Pre - releasing our Keiki + Me collection!

This is a partial collection that will fully debut this summer!


buy a Women’s one piece and get a Juniors one piece for free!

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Falling For You Holiday Capsule NOW AVAILABLE!

New Floral Pattern For Fall!

We will be releasing this gorgeous grey and pink floral pattern at the end of October! It is the perfect color combo for pairing with knit sweaters and jeans!

New Yoga Shorts Have Arrived!

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How To Repurpose An Old Tank Top

This is an awesome and super quick How To on how to repurpose an old tshirt or tank top into a REUSABLE BAG!


Find an old T-shirt or tank top that you do not mind cutting and changing into a reusable bag and a pair of scissors!


If using a T-shirt cut off the sleeves and collar of the shirt to resemble a tank top with open sleeves and neck


Place the tank top or T-shirt onto a flat surface so that the ends of the garment match up (front to back)


Cut 3 inches, starting from the bottom of the tank top up toward the neck. Do this one inch apart all the way across the entire bottom of the tank top or T-shirt. Be sure to cut through both front and back of the garment at the same time so that they match up

Photo Aug 21, 10 19 40 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 21, 10 19 50 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 21, 10 22 23 AM.jpg


Tie the tabs together (front of the garment tied to the matching back of the garment). Do this all the way across the bottom of the garment so that it completely ties the front of the garment to the back of the garment

Photo Aug 21, 10 26 04 AM.jpg


Go Shop! Do not forget to take this awesome repurposed garment to the store (or beach!) to save the planet from all those unnecessary plastic grocery bags!

Photo Aug 21, 10 27 29 AM.jpg

5 Easy Changes to Help Save the Environment

According to 4Ocean, the equivalent of one garbage truck full of plastic is dumped into our ocean daily. Whats worse is how that adds up... 1.4 billion (and increasing) pounds of trash makes it to our ocean in a year.  

I want to spread awareness but also give easy changes we as caretakers of this Earth can make in order to help save our environment

1- Skip the Straws

Although straws are not the biggest trash waste in the ocean it is an unnecessary item that we can easily go with out. Tip: Skip the straw and lid! Or, bring a reusable bottle to replace plastic all together. This leads me to change number 2

2- Use Reusable Bottles

By using reusable bottles you will skip on the plastic all together and many cafes and restaurants offer discounts for those who remember theirs!

3- Air Dry Your Hands

According to 17 trees are cut down and 20,000 gallons of water are polluted to make just ONE TON of paper towels. 13 billion pounds (6,500,000 TONS) of paper towels are used each year in the U.S. alone. Thats nuts and completely unnecessary people!

4- Switch to Reusable Grocery Bags

Many clothing stores give reusable bags for free with purchase from their stores! Save them and use them for groceries. You can also make your own reusable bags with an old T-shirt! We will be doing a tutorial on how to make reusable grocery bags out of old T-shirts for our next blog!

5- Turn off Lights and Running Water

Remember to turn off your lights when you are not in the room or leave the house. Unplug cords and phones when they are not being used or are fully charged. Lastly, remember to turn off your running water when brushing your teeth!

"Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can save 8 gallons of water per day and, while shaving, can save 10 gallons of water per shave. Assuming you brush your teeth twice daily [or] shave 5 times per week, you could save nearly 5,700 gallons per year" - EPA.GOV



Just because you do not see 5.25 trillion pieces of trash on our streets, in parks, or floating in our rivers and oceans does not mean it does not exist. So, where does it all go? According to 40cean one of the main places the trash gathers is in The North Pacific Ocean Gyre otherwise known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Much of the plastics found here are microplastics which are especially dangerous because many fish eat and/or breath in the plastics through their gills. Then, these fish are caught and sold at our local grocery stores and we end up eating the plastic by eating the fish! Nasty!

Learn more about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (created by NOAA) below:



Free Bikini Fridays!

Celebrate With Us!

We will be launching our

Lost In Paradise 2019 Collection

Friday August 3rd at the same time as our

Free Bikini Fridays!

Celebrate with us and get your free goodies! 


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releasing August 3rd!

Where in the world?

Where in the world?


My name is Jasmine I am the creator and designer of Kainoa Nani! I live on the island of Oahu with my husband and two amazing boys Kainoa and Kekoa. We love to feel the sand beneath our toes and sun on our skin, any day at the beach is a good day!

PC: Harmony Photography Co

PC: Harmony Photography Co

As the founder of Kainoa Nani Swimwear I strive to provide beautifully crafted beach wear and active wear to each and every customer. Every item sold by Kainoa Nani Swimwear has the allure of the Aina in mind. <3

I have decided to start a blog in order to talk more in depth about traveling, ocean conservation, organizations we donate to, and really anything and everything that I feel you as my customer may like to read!

I am a person that loves my island home but also has a heart for travel!  I will be traveling to France in a few days and I am SO excited for all of the beautiful images I will be getting of Kainoa Nani Swimwear and activewear! In celebration of my upcoming travels I want to share all of the epic places you all have taken Kainoa Nani to! 

Some of the amazing places our suits have gone to so far are Spain, Belgium, Mexico, Arizona, all the islands of Oahu, Panama, So Cal, Santorini Ammoudi, Monaco, and more!


Be sure to check out our Instagram story to see all of the amazing people who have worn our Swimwear and where they have traveled! Also stay tuned for my epic travels in France!